About Us


Our goal is to provide natural and eco-friendly products. We source Fair Trade, Responsibly Sourced, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable.

Our journey began almost 10 years ago - making natural alternatives to everyday products for our household.

Our mini homestead adventures started in 2018- growing gardens, raising chickens, tapping trees for maple syrup, building an apiary for honeybees and making natural skincare.  

When Covid hit - Events cancelled, supplies backlogged. People got sick. Jobs were lost. This personally hit home in our family.

As no longer physically being able to do the everyday things I once could - I found myself relying on everyone for support and taking a step back. George took over candle and soap making and became the driving force behind Willow Bay. Kids learned soap making and caregiving without even realizing it. Our products have been used by everyone in the family. Because of my illness and skin sensitivities, it was very important to use natural, mainly organic ingredients to create recipes leaving skin soft and hydrated. We avoid artificial fragrance, colour and unnecessary chemicals for ALL body products. Candles are made with paraben/phthalate free fragrances and clean burning coconut soy wax.

Willow Bay Naturals exists today from a community helping us do our best and accept my challenges we face.  We hope to be on the other side, healthier and stronger someday soon - but until then - thanks for your patience and support!!!

Willow Bay Naturals 

Our Name:  When we purchased this incredible little slice of paradise, we learned a lot about the property's history from the past10 years. The entire property was cleared of natural trees and bushes. The previous home owner loved wildlife and nature,  and sought to bring back the native plants, trees, and animals.  He transformed the landscape by planting 100's of different types of trees, and letting the natural shoreline replenish itself. His efforts are so appreciated by us. There was a huge Willow tree on the property that blew down before we bought it. It still rests with tons of natural foliage that surrounds it. I would have loved to see it standing in its glory, as I have fond memories of a big Willow at my grandparents farm. Cuttings from this Willow are literally Johhny Appleseeded all over the property. Observing these willow trees thrive, was inspiration for the naming of Willow Bay in the efforts of conservation in nature.

Our online store shows available products we have taken care to raise, grow, and create! Good for the Earth. Great for your skin.