About Us


Our goal is to provide a natural, rustic and luxurious experience in the products we offer. We will not compromise our beliefs of high quality natural ingredients, that are Fair Trade, Responsibly Sourced, Eco-Friendly and Sustainably. We hope you love what we have to offer...


Our natural product creations began almost 10 years ago - it began with making simply concoctions like bug spray, floor cleaner, general cleaners.  These essential oil and natural cleaning product refillable containers filled the shelves in our home and began to replace the chemical laden wasteful options. I then started making natural sugar scrubs - to help with my extremely dry skin, diffuser blends to help with relaxation and sleep, and balms for lips and hands to try to seal in moisture. Then came melt and pour botanical soaps made for our Airbnb Guests - to minimize waste for weekend stays. We headed to our trailer resort weekly, and found smaller toiletries were perfect for travel.

I researched making Cold process soaps for a year, with ingredients on hand until I finally made my first batch - My daughter and I made it together and it was addictive.  I made very small batches and only about a dozen or so, but had lots to share with friends and family - who raved of our products

Because of our skin sensitivities, I've never been able to find a soap that didn't dry out and irritate my skin. It was important to me to use natural ingredients organic when possible and to create a a recipe that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I avoid fragrances oils and micas. I feel like there are enough strong smelling bright colourful soap on the market. I wanted to create a soap for people with skin sensitivities like me that they could use our products confidently knowing that I used the best options and quality possible.

Willow Bay Naturals 

Our Name:  When we purchased this incredible little slice of paradise, we learned a lot about the property's history from both the previous homeowner and neighbours. Just 10 years ago, the entire property was cleared of natural trees and bushes. The previous home owner loved wildlife and nature,  and sought to bring back the native plants, trees, and animals.  He transformed the landscape by planting 100's of different types of trees, and letting the natural shoreline replenish itself. His efforts are so appreciated by us. There was a huge Willow tree on the property that blew down before we bought it. It still rests with tons of natural foliage that surrounds it. I would have loved to see it standing in its glory, as I have fond memories of a big Willow at my grandparents farm. Cuttings from this Willow are literally Johhny Appleseeded all over the property. Observing these willow trees thrive, was inspiration for the naming of Willow Bay in the efforts of conservation in nature.

Our online store shows available products we have taken care to raise, grow, and create! We have gotten back to our roots and sharing rustic luxury with you, as nature intended.