Hatching your chicks - 30 days from Egg to bringing home chick

Updated: Feb 25

A Message from Willow Bay Naturals

Congratulations on bringing home your baby chicks!

We thought we would give you some insight on the care we have taken to get your chick to this stage, and some tips on continuing with care for your chicks. We will be including a part two for care for your chicks once you get the home for the first 6 weeks.

First, we have ensured that our backyard chickens that are producing these eggs are free from diseases, illness, parasites, and mites. We do this by observation a few weeks leading up to egg collection, and during. The chickens are fed a locally sourced feed perfect for our organic homestead, and they also free range most of the day weather permitting, which helps with their daily nutrients. We collect the eggs only from pairs that have shown good qualities and temperament that would be desired in the next generation.

For example we have a hen that blesses us with huge eggs every other day, usually double-yolkers, and although we love these for our morning omelettes, she seems to struggle laying them, and the chicks have a hard time making it far in the incubator when w