Our SOAP Ingredients and their benefits to your skin

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I just love learning about the components of the soap that we choose to use for our Handmade Soap here at our mini homestead. These are some of the basic ingredients we use regularly, in our cold process soaps. As I learn of others and their benefits, you will see this list updated. Some basics such as Olive Oil help to create a mild, soft soap (my favourites), while others like Coconut Oil create a harder, longer lasting bar. We use a superfat of typically 4-7% (leaving oils unsaponified in reaction, so they have direct benefits to your skin). I have been incorporating oils with extra vitamins and other healing, soothing properties such as Soybean and Sunflower Oil

. All of our ingredients are purchased locally at this time from wholesalers in Ontario, Canada. Our bars are all made with an exact purpose, to create the best natural combination for your skin...