Guide to starting with Backyard Chickens

Updated: Feb 25

Follow our journey - 9 easy steps to a successful backyard flock

We moved north of the city and left behind our subdivision for the rural, quiet life. This natural way of living has lead to our mini organic homestead and backyard chickens. here's how we got started...

1. Establish your REASON for wanting to raise a farm flock

Do you want birds for meat or eggs or both for your family-calculate how many you would want in a year?

Will you free range them - if so what species are good for free ranging? How will this work with neighbours, pets and predators

How much time will you commit to them, and what are the needs of each species? 

Do you want show birds? Heritage? Mixed breeds? Commercial layers?

Will you start with hatching eggs, day old chicks, or ready to lays?

Do you want to keep roosters or not?

Our main priorities were ranked in this order (a le