We have switched to Shampoo Bars!

When we found out our oldest daughter had asthma, allergies, and excema as a toddler, we made changes in our home almost overnight. When a child is sick, you do everything you can just to make sure they are healthy and comfortable. Over the past 18 years, we have replaced almost 100% of the products in our home, with eco-friendly, natural, skin safe, scent free options. This is what lead us to switching to all natural Shampoo Bars, and creating most of our bath products, cleaning supplies, soap, lotions, lip balms, candles, even bug repellant. I started looking into shampoo bars, and realized there is an entire movement of people refusing the traditional silicone, detergent, SLS, chemical ridden shampoo. They use a rotation of water, honey, apple cider vinegar, and other natural products to keep their hair clean. I am definitely not prepared for that journey, however there was some neat stories others had shared on their discovery of the No-Poo method.

I was nervous about not using my regular shampoo, but as I watched others using literally nothing but water and claiming their hair was clean and healthy, I knew I had nothing to lose with trying a different method. I started researching different recipes and the chemistry behind what would be required in a great shampoo bar, that was great for the scalp, hair and different skin types. I looked into a few options:

Dry shampoos - Usually a leave in product or aerosol spray. Cons - ah aerosol!

Syndet bars (synthetic detergent)

  • Pros - Made without lye, so can be balanced closer to the hairs natural