Top 10 "Naturals" for your winter survival kit!

Updated: Jan 22

We have compiled a small list of the best natural necessities to keep on hand for this winter season. We present to you the top 10 must haves and winter favourites!

1.Thieves Blend Roller Ball - Historical blend of essential oils once believed to help with immunity. The story is that during the period of the Bubonic Plague, robbers would apply a combination of scents, spices, and herbs to hands, ears, face and masks to protect themselves from the plague and be able to move throughout houses without becoming ill. We have included the original beneficial oils of lemon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary etc that are thought to have antiseptic properties. We make no claim for any healing benefits however adding this roller ball to the soles of your feet, back, chest or even to freshen a mask can provide an uplifting and comforting scent. Complete with a great historical tale of use for this essential oil combinations.