What I have learned in 48 hrs of living with goats

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

When I was pregnant with my second child, my father had just passed away, and we had spent a fair bit of time at the hospital and finally making funeral arrangements. Obviously the worst couple of weeks in my lifetime, and exhausting and overwhelming with grief and sadness, but I still had a 2 year old to put smile on everyday for. I wanted to do something fun with her to get a break from all the sadness. We ended up in Jungle Cat world, Orono. The only thing I really remember from that, is us all falling in love with the little baby goats! From then on, I was determined to have baby goats as soon as life would allow - Because you only live once.

The thought never crossed my mind again until a few years ago, my husbands grandparents had gotten a cow to raise one spring, and a pig the next, for the freezer come the fall. The cow rotation was getting to be a bit much for his grandma as she would adore him, like a pet (They would raise as a calf). and he would throw his weight around, make it somewhat dangerous to care for. Of course, I'm sure it ws hard to have them "get on the truck". I immediately thought goats! You can buy goats for meat, milk, or hair (fur). Every time I saw them I would bring up goats, one day they said to me "Why don't you get goats!". That was the point, where I thought to myself - yep I will get goats -some day!

So some day has arrived. When we bought 2 acres a couple of years ago I had 2 things in mind: Goats and Airbnb. Both are happening this summer. It took a year of reading, and researching and convincing. the girls were 100% on board, George was the tough one. Last October, I reached out to a breeder with some questions about her goats, and the breed. There were a few others that I reached out to, but she responded right away, and that got my thinking of putting our name down on a list for the next year. We had 10 months to fully prepare for goats