Bean Varieties

Bean Varieties


Keep these plants evenly watered especially when they are flowering and when the production of the pod start. Ensure putting them out in the garden when the soil has warmed to about 16°C and avoid the use of nitrogen fertilizers. Pole varieties will require trellis and support


  • HYACINTH MOONSHADOW- This is a gorgeous deep purple bean perfect for stir fries. it is a pole been and can grow 10 to 15 feet high so lattice will be required. Caution is to be observed as the seeds inside are poisonous if left to mature.


  • RED SWAN (BUSH) - 55 days to maturity have very pretty flowers on them


  • HIDATSA RED INDIAN - This Variety is half runner. 85 days to maturity. Can be used for dry beans. They will climb 3 feet or so so you will need lattice to keep them upright. Plant 2 to 4 inches apart.


  • ROYAL BURGANDY (BUSH) - 6” pod with brown seed. Great fresh or frozen. When cooked for 2 mins purple pods turn bright green to indicate the perfect blanching time for feeding.


  • KENTUCKY WONDER WAX YELLOW (POLE) - Beautiful buttery yellow pod with brown seeds will require support


  • PENCIL POD YELLOW WAX (BUSH) - A vigourous stocky bush bean and prolific producer. Light yellow pods about 6” long tender and mostly stringless.


  • BLUE LAKE (POLE) - Meaty but tender stringless bean. Perfect for canning and freezing. white seed


  •  TENDERGREEN (BUSH)  - green snap beans have a producer 6 inch long beans great for fresh or frozen use seeds are black.