Homesteader Candle: Insect Away

Homesteader Candle: Insect Away


If there is one thing that homesteaders LOVE is resourceful, sustainable multi-purpose prouducts.  

We have created our own Homesteaders Candle: Summer Nights Edition

  1. An all natural pretty candle that adds a soft glow to a nice bbq or glass of wine down by the lake, out on your deck, or at the campfire. 
  2. Custom formulated to include only the key ingredients proven to repel insects especially mosquitoes and ticks.
  3. Smells lovely - Although it does contain Citronella, it is not a heavily dominant scent. It has a well rounded uplifting aroma.
  4. Once a full melt is achieved, you can apply to your skin to further protect against insect bites, and create soft skin at the same time!

Available in 2 sizes:  4 oz metal tins, and 8 oz metal tins