Pure Maple Syrup

Pure Maple Syrup

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Our family looks forward to tapping under 30 Maples on our 2 acres each season.  For us , it has quickly become the earliest sign that spring is right around the corner.  We use smallest taps available, which means a drill hole of only 3/16". We do everything we can to keep our trees healthy. BPA-free food grade tubing is used along with clean fresh non-alum buckets.  The most taps we set are two, even for the large 5ft diameter ones!  Every week we boil a fresh batch slowly over an outdoor wood fire, and then perfect it indoors for that amazing maple goodness.  The syrup is minimum triple filtered and then graded and packaged.  

  • PRODUCT Benefits

    Did you know Maple Syrup Health Benefits and Nutrition:

    Manganese (aids in energy production)

    Zinc (helps your immune system)

    Calcium (great for strengthening bones and teeth)

    Riboflavin (aids in metabolic processes)

    Magnesium (associated with lowered risk of heart disease)

    Potassium (helps to maintain a normal blood pressure)


    Because this is a food product, there are no returns or exchanges once opened. If you feel there is a food grade concern ie spoilage, Please contact us before opening and be sure to include, date of purchase, and pics of product(s). We are not responsible for any damage, should you wish to have the glass jars shipped. We strongly recommend insurance for shipping