Willow Bay Naturals is a small family based organic mini homestead located in beautiful Canadian Shield cottage country of Eastern Ontario. We believe strongly in sustainable and organic products with local and responsibly sourced ingredients often found, grown and cared for on our homestead. We offer:

  • Creative Artisan handcrafted Natural Soap

  • Pure Maple Syrup boiled outdoors over a wood fire

  • Raw local Wildflower Honey

  • Local Farm fresh free range eggs

  • Hatching eggs, chicks, ducks, & guineas 

  • Hardy Heirloom Vegetables, herbs, flowers and starter plants

  • Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats available spring 2022

  • Homemade greeting cards and paper crafts (Two Sisters in a craft room)

  • AirBnb stays available May through October with Covid-19 protocols in place

We  hope for the highest level of satisfaction in everything we offer. Each season we will offer new and unique items. We would love for you to look around

Exclusive for Valentines Day 2021

New for 2021 we will only be hatching for pre-orders this year in anticipation of all sales events being cancelled due to Covid-19.  Pre-orders are accepted now Jan 2021- May 2021 for hatching eggs, all chicks, ducklings, and keets. We are offering Ameracuanas, Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, Black Star Sex Link, Blue Star Sex link (limited). Pick up/delivery can be specified for Kingston or Rideau Lakes. If you are new to chicks, ducks etc, we have a "Beginner" blog with some helpful tips on raising poultry.

Pure Maple Syrup, Raw Wildflower Honey, Farm Fresh Eggs

Join us around the mini homestead where we share recipes, DIY projects, gardening tips, beekeeping updates, backyard chickens, and goat antics